Chakana, is a Metroidvania video game, based on Andean mythology. Set around the myths that exist about the Tayos Cave, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. The video game allows you to live an immersive experience, within stories and ancestral worlds of fiction, accompanied by fabulous characters present in the Andean worldview.


In the Andean worldview, he is the envoy of the stars to guide his people. It is said that the ancient Andean civilization disappeared and gave rise to the one that existed after the flood. Hoyustus will have the mission to lead the surviving people and guide them to fulfill their destiny of becoming a powerful civilization. Hoyustus carries the denominative of "Mallku", which in the mystical language would mean: teacher, leader, sage, emperor. Similar translation is given in the Aymara language.

Join Hoyustus in this action adventure, through mythical and ancient worlds. And discover the secret of the chakana.


It means large snake in Quechua language. It is a deity of the Aymara people, from South America, mainly in Peru. It is represented as a hybrid animal with the body of a serpent, the wings of an eagle and the head of a llama.


The Mapinguari refers to a legendary creature from the Amazon jungles in Brazil and Bolivia; beast that is also known as Mapinguari and Isnashi; and whose name is usually translated as 'roaring animal' or 'fetid beast'.